Performance Therapy is an evolution of traditional physical rehabilitation protocols. It’s where athletic training, physical therapy, osteopathy, medical massage and minduflness meet. Imagine having access to the most cutting edge mindfulness based movement training techniques with an integral knowledge of how they relate to physical injuries, then add world class hands-on treatment techniques and you’ve got Performance Therapy at HPC.

The process begins with an initial assessment that gives insight into the best way to proceed for each individual. With this, we’re able to create a blueprint or roadmap of your situation. The assessment allows us to formulate a plan that progressively over time brings you back to your optimal functioning. We have helped hundreds of individuals overcome injuries who thought their only hope was surgery or permanent disability. 

Our ultimate goal of a session at HPC is more movement and less table time. Depending on the acute level of pain and injury we may spend a little more time on the table with hands on treatment in the beginning. We know that ultimately to get someone functioning optimally we have to change the “firing-pattern” of dysfunction, and that is what the corrective movement provides. With a keen eye, we skillfully look for subtleties of how muscles are communicating with one another and where miscommunication or “over” communication might be happening. 

Manual Therapy is our path into the body when there has been stress or injury. Specific, but gentle hands on treatment to get the area of imbalance to find a better or healthier resting tone. The healthier the tone of the tissue is, the easier it is for the brain to communicate positive information via movement (our ultimate goal).


Your will find our Santa Fe Studio at:

825 Early St., Ste G
Santa Fe, NM

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