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OutsideCover 2017 07 24 at 4.02.34 PMAlthough it was nearly ten years ago, a lot of what Outside Magazine and author Nick Heil wrote about us is still a large part of our foundational concepts.  The majority of the philosophy we used at that time is just gaining traction in main stream therapy and fitness worlds today. We've come a long way since then, too! Check it out...a blast from the past. 

Click here for the Original article: Reprogramming Your Fitness Brain

Pouring water into glassIf there were one theory that we return to time and time again, trying to help explain why people get “injured,” it would be the theory of what we call "Neurological Loading Principle or Neural Tension." 

Why you might ask, did I put parenthesis around “injured” in the paragraph above?  Well, the term “injured” has many meanings, not all of which mean physical injuries like a sprained knee, shoulder or back.

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