"I have consistently gotten better results in correcting musculo-skeletal problems by working with Fred. Better than Western medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, Roilfing, prolotherapy, massage. He has "fixed" a very painful shoulder and hip problem. K.H

I refer all my clients who come to my acupuncture practice for physical pain to Fred. I am eagerly awaiting his book on conditioning so I can share his methods with people outside Santa Fe. Beyond that, working with his unique exercise program has given me core strength and balance and a feeling of well-being. Fred is always positive and supportive and constantly innovative. He and Kele have created a very special feeling of community and personal attention at the Human Performance Center." - G.K.

"I was born without a hip socket in my left hip. As a result I became a student of various types of physical therapy and training. I have traveled the nation in search of therapies to assist my body in coping with congenital misalignment. Despite these many attempts at pain relief, flexibility and tone I contined to experience low back, hip, and knee pain. When I found Human Performance Center, my hip joints were functioning poorly. After three months of regularly “retraining muscles, my hips function better than they have in 20 years! I will always have the misalignment I was born with, but the science behind the Human Performance approach has created “whitespace in my physiology. I can do more pain free. I also have margin toabsorb physical stress. Thank you Human Performance Center for a spectacular repair job!! - C.M.

"I have been working out twice a week at the human performance center for the last six months. The benefits have been extraordinary; I am no longer dealing with insomnia; I feel comfortable wearing shorts and tank tops for the first time in my life; I am calmer overall and I feel much stronger in my body. As a performance artist, my body is my instrument and working out with Kele has aided in my ability to reach every proverbial note that I need to play." - K.F.

"I have been seeing Fred and Kele McDaniel for the past 11 months. During this time I have been able to strengthen and fine tune my balance, increase my awareness of specific muscle movement as well as dysfunction and approach exercise from a more open and curious internal position. This has allowed for my personal growth and overall well being. My attitude is generally calmer; I am able to flow with life in a more productive manner in both my business and personallife. Working with both Fred andd Kele has been a healing highlight of all the physical conditioning that I have investigated, whichincludes; skiing, soccer, golf, distance swimming, tai chi, quigong, hatha yoga, chanting, aerobic synergy classes, Pilates, Nia, Thai massage. After 22 years of adult exploration I have found Fred and Kele's approach at The Human Performance Center to be the mostinnovative approach that has expanded my consciousness into a broader base of healthy movement which supports the health of my whole body. They have created a safe gym / physical therapy space in which I can move beyond my fears of injury or self-consciousness and feel the joy of moving in my own skin. The well being that I have learned from their exercises and cutting edge awareness of the current medical procedures as well as their own constantly learning and adaptive natures in understanding of human injury and movement has inspired me. These two are shaman healers who have embraced a practical way of bringing spirit into an everyday life. Thank you Fred and Kele for persevering on your own learning paths you are an inspiration!"- D.B.

"I suffered an injury to my shoulder and went from practitioner to practitioner seeking help. After months of not being able to find help a friend finally told me about Fred McDaniel. During my first session Fred was finally able to diagnose where the problem was coming from and offered some immediate relief. I really appreciate his approach to treating injuries and also howhe teaches how to correct the core of the problem for long term healing. Both Fred and Kele are very friendly and I immediately felt welcomed into the Human Performance Center." - P.J.

"Since I started coming to the Human Performance Center, I'm toned and fit like never before, and my posture has really improved. Kele and Fred have created a casual yet professional and caring atmosphere where it's actually fun to go  work out. I recommend them to anyone who wants to get in better shape, especially to people who have physical limitations or problems they are trying to work on."-D.F.

“When I first came to the HPC, my back and left knee hurt so much from arthritis that I could notplay tennis (my passion). Fred and Kele taught me that I was actually hurting myself and hampering my recovery by the way I was using my body. After weeks of re-educating me in proper use and building my core muscle strength, my pain disappeared and I was back on the court. I found that I was a much improved player because I was swinging from my core instead of my arm.Even better, Fred helped me improve my foot-quickness so I am more speedier than ever. I now tell everyone and anyone who is injured about the HPC. At age 58, I plan to “stay in the game as long as I possibly can. Every active Baby Boomer in Santa Fe show know about the HPC!" J.P.

"I had been training for the National Triathalon Championships when I developed severe back pain. I nearly had given up on my dream of competing in the race when someone told me about Fred & Kele McDaniel and the Human Performance Center. Within two weeks I was out of pain and had the tools to keep myself out of pain. I decided to continue with the training program Fred had created and the same movements that got me out of pain produced an amazing improvement in my performance. I finished in the top 5, something I did not expect when 3 months before the race I thought I would never be there!" D.S.

"When I walked in the door, I could barely move for 20 mins withoutneeding to lie on the floor. I was in terrible condition! I have stuck with the program and a year later, I coming 3 times a week and getting a great “workout. I'm amazed they were able to take me from nothing to a fit 64 year old without getting injured in the process. I noticed huge improvements in my daily energy levels, my self perception and dietary awareness‚ all things I would have never guessed to be a side effect of intelligent exercise. Thank you Fred & Kele for giving me my life back!" F.B


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