Manual Therapy/Bodywork

55 minutes (includes use of Theralase 2000 Cold Laser and Frequency Specific Microcurrent) 


Functional Movement Training 

55 minutes (no hands-on table time)


Theralase 2000 Cold Laser treatment

0-20 minutes

20-30 minutes

30-45 minutes


A package of 10 Cold Laser sessions (20-minute sessions) ~ $450

Frequency Specific Microcurrent 


A package of 10 FSM sessions


* Please note, Kinesio taping is an additional charge of $5 


We accept all forms of payment at the time of service.



Our Health Insurance Policy

Like most therapists, we began our careers working in insurance based clinical environments. After numerous years of working in clinics, we recognized how the insurance system seems to work against its customers and the provider who they reimburse to provide the service. Denying coverage for treatments, limiting the amount of time a client could receive care and not paying for advanced modalities by the insurance companies led to being overworked and limited as a therapist. We decided when we opened HPC that we would step out of the insurance reimbursement world and attempt to provide the service we offer by being focused on the highest quality of service and attention for each client. Nineteen years later, we’re still in business, and we're in high demand. Therefore, we are not providers of any insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Currently, we have no plans of entering into the insurance-based model of practice.


Your will find our Santa Fe Studio at:

825 Early St., Ste G
Santa Fe, NM

Map and Directions


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