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Fred McDaniel / Founder

Fred received his BS in Occupational Therapy from the University of Missouri in 1995.  While practicing as an OT, he had a diverse background in clinical experience. He specializes in orthopedic sports injuries, corrective soft tissue manipulation, and sports specific training. He has contributed to articles in Shape magazine, Men's Fitness Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Self Magazine and Outside Magazine.

Kele McDaniel / Founder

Kele is a licensed massage therapist. She specializes in movement programs for orthopedic injuries, sports specific training as well as corrective soft tissue manipulation.

Together, the founders previous life and work experiences have spanned a vast spectrum of settings and clientele. Their experiences range from early childhood development to geriatric populations, spinal cord, and neurological injuries, orthopedic sports injuries as well as elite and recreational athletes. Combining their backgrounds as well as their physical injuries has been the driving force behind the creation of an efficient, effective and mindful approach towards fitness and well-being.

We’ve been students of movement, rehabilitation, exercise, diet & supplementation, mindfulness/meditation for 20 years. We try to live life each day to its fullest. We are both very engaged in living an active lifestyle (cycling, strength training, yoga, hiking, snowsports). We’ve also each had a variety of injuries over our lives as athletes....too many minor injuries to count. We have been through nine combined surgeries for injury correction. Through these injuries and surgeries, we have our own unique experiences that have taught us how to help others who are suffering from pain and want to live a more optimal, active lifestyle.

Kele’s story began early in life with many childhood injuries. She fractured her neck at C2 at 17, both sides of the pelvis at 18, a pregnancy resulting in an emergency un-anesthetized cesarean, numerous sprains and strains, an ACL/Meniscus reconstruction as well as most recently two ankle reconstructions and stem cell therapy. 

Fred’s story isn’t much different (except different body parts:). He suffered for years with a chronic dislocating left shoulder that would ultimately require three surgeries to stabilize it finally. He also had a ski injury that required a right shoulder stabilization surgery as well. Lastly, a lumbar disc explosion from a chiropractic adjustment that required an emergency low back surgery. 

They have each personally experienced what trauma does to the human body, mind, and spirit. Together they have also witnessed each other's’ traumas and been the sole caregiver/therapist for one another during each of their injuries. They have had to pioneer new protocols in recovery for themselves to continue an active lifestyle. Through their injuries and treating thousands of others, they have found specific treatment and movement protocols to re-educate the mind/body connection. Through the years they have also researched and discovered some of the most advanced healing modalities on Earth. Light based energy and subtle electrical energy based modalities to accelerate the healing response. They often say,”we have invested in all these tools for ourselves and share them with everyone else!” 

When they aren’t treating themselves or their clients in the Lab….you will find them during the winter months managing their highly competitive son as he pursues his dream of being a professional snowboarder or visiting their oldest son who lives in Aspen Colorado, living the “Dream”. The summertime months they'll be up in the high alpine country looking for a single track to ride or sitting by a campfire.

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