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Currently, HPC is NOT an In-Network insurance provider for any companies.  An in-network provider provides service to the customer and bills the customers health care insurance provider directly.  This leaves the customer with only a co-pay, deductibles and any other services not covered by insurance to pay for.  Although we are licensed therapists, as a small business we have chosen to focus our energies towards providing a high-quality personal service that is not limited by insurance reimbursement.  We are a private pay, cash, check or credit card service.

We ARE able to provide you with a receipt that YOU could submit to your insurance provider.  To do this, we suggest doing the following:

1.  Contact your insurance provider to see if they offer reimbursement from an Out of Network Provider.

2.  If they do offer reimbursement for an out of network provider, obtain "prior authorization" to see us.

     -  With this, you are able to submit the receipt we provide for you to your provider to receive a percentage of normal reimbursement for In-Network Providers.

3.  Follow the instructions provided by your insurance carrier to submit the receipt.

4.  Wait for reimbursement.

We charge a small fee of $35 to provide this receipt.  The charge is to cover our administrative time required to create the receipt.  The rates we charge for an appointment with us are for the treatment, not the additional time required to create a receipt that will be accepted by an insurance company. 

*We are working on becoming In-Network providers for BC/BS of NM, Presbyterian, United Health Care and Medicare in the Spring of 2016.  More details to come in the near future.

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Your will find our Santa Fe Studio at:

825 Early St., Ste G
Santa Fe, NM

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