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Human Performance Center offers many services.  Prices are listed below:  

Assessment: $120*

Our assessment is a comprehensive process where we take a detailed history of injuries, surgeries, and trauma.  We then perform a physical evaluation specific to your condition.  This assessment guides your therapist in making wise choices on how to proceed with your care based upon your neurological load.  

F.I.T. Training Session: $110*

Each 55-minute movement session utilizes the F.I.T. concepts. You won't find a smarter, safer movement/training program in the world.  We may also incorporate corrective bodywork, Cold Laser Therapy, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent into this treatment.   Consider it an alternative, progressive approach to physical therapy.   You get dedicated focused attention by the same therapist each appointment  This is the treatment that has made Human Performance Center famous!

F.I.T. Bodywork Session: $120*

55 minutes of corrective bodywork. Don't think you'll be getting a Swedish massage when you sign up for this service.  The techniques used in this session are the most advanced, cutting edge available for injury correction.  

Will also include Cold Laser Treatment and or Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

All bodywork session are done fully clothed.

 Cold Laser Therapy: $40*/session

Package of 10 sessions:  $300


Cold Laser therapy has been found to be effective in a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. The time of this treatment will depend on the type of condition and the number of points treated. Theralase Medical Grade Laser website

 Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy:  $45*

FSM Therapy is a subtle electrical current that resonates at specific frequencies to decrease inflammation, break down scar tissue and promote healing.  FSM Website

 Monthly membership: $135 per month*

Offers 24 hr access. Entry is accessed via a key coded password on the front door during off hours. We offer printed programs for clients to follow, so they can have the benefits of having a trainer without the expense.

 Icon Orthotics:  $500

Icon Orthotics is the most advanced custom footbeds available today.  Thirty years of research by Dr. Bob Levine has developed custom orthotics that are custom to each of your feet, specific to your weight and provide "total contact" to improve a variety of foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back conditions.  We take a thorough assessment of your foot anatomy and motion along with your gait pattern.  We follow the assessment with an individual casting of each foot, then send the cast along with the evaluation to the lab for production.  HPC received the custom orthotics within 2-3 weeks.  Payment is due upon delivery of the devices. http://iconorthotics.com


* All prices will have additional NM sales tax added at the time of checkout.  


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